Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Classic Game Fest has hired Patrick Scott Patterson to speak yet he is anti RED STATE!!!!


Trump said he'd "lock her up" only to say that he only said it because it sounded good during the election.

Response: Trump is still looking into options difference is he has them, you claim you are exploring options while you garbage pick and by and sell thinking in your simple mind you will be the next, reality show star, with beeker features, and clearly speech and nasal issues.

 Trump said Mexico would pay for the wall just to say we will

Response: Once again Patrick you don't look up stuff before you open your gums and crud in the lining of teeth, now President Trump stated Mexico will pay, and they are paying, weather through deportations, having to pay us back in other ways, but because you don't understand basic math, it takes 510 billion a year which is over 1 trillion every 24 months to comp illegals, it cost maybe 20 billion for a wall one time...... I can tell you mexico is paying for it, not check or cc but in many ways!!!!!

Trump said only American steel would be used on the pipeline but that's not true, why does it matter if he explored other materials, how is that relevant, you claim big this and that nothing happens and your in denial of your ill doings but you go around it, worry about yourself and family and get a real job, instead of relying on GOVT to house you, medicate you, and feed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump said he'd release his tax returns when the election was over, just to say he won't,

Response: President Trump does not have to release his tax returns MOST politicians don't but of course you never look anything up primary democrats and they don't pay taxes they live off yours, well not yours because you don't pay taxes, lets see yours un edited, did you claim your ebay earnings, your side garbage sanford business?????

Trump said he'd drain the swamp yet appointed people associated with the 1 percent of the 1 percent

Response: drain the swamp was getting rid of career politicians and lobbyists, he can hire who he trusts, these 1 pct of 1 pct pay ur housing taxes, food, and aca you live off, and they employ people.

Trump's health care "fix" is mostly Obamacare, with the only caveat being to lower premiums by lowering the quality of coverage. That's like saying you'll lower food prices then doing so by expanding the McDonalds Dollar Menu

Response: You would know about Mcdonalds Dollar Menu well eating fast food 7 days a week and ending up with all kinds of illnesses and infections, Trump is keeping parts of ACA, however the premiums have gone up and can only go down but , because you don't work you have no 8000.00 premium or co pays, we the working class take care of it, the coverage is already low it will be way better, sorry it may no longer cover lazy people that eat put 7 days a week, get off ur ass, learn how to cook and eat right, and get a job..... 50-100 bucks and free shared room and free flight to an event is not gonna pay ur bills or feed ur family!!!!

Trump said he had a super secret great plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days, only to start asking what to do about them.

Response: Learn English Patrick PRESIDENT TRUMP said he will come up with a plan to defeat ISIS in 30 days meaning he will have a PLAN in 30 days not defeat ISIS in 30 days moron!!!!!!!!!

Trump's plans will reduce taxes for the most wealthy, remove regulations that keep our planet clean,
 kill public broadcasting, etc... all to increase the military budget.

Response: Number one you don't pay taxes Patrick, the tax cut helps all, and the Millitary needs to be strong!!!!! and btw less people cleaner country

 Trump said he'd defend the Constitution, yet doesn't respect the First Amendment when it comes to people or the press

Response: he respects the first amendment he lets people speak, does not censor his FB wall like you do from trump supporters and does not public bitch poor me, he tells it like it is, and exposes people like you get exposed, you report videos and posts that are freedom of speech, if ANYTHING, Patrick you are anti constitutional and freedom of speech, CNN is fake and its proven and lawsuits are in play!!!!

 Trump knocked Obama for taking vacations, saying he'll be too busy working for us to play golf.... before going off to play a bunch of golf.

Response: Once again he pays for his own vactions, takes no salary and is not giving money away, and you don't work, you freeload, which if anything your the problem to our debt not him.....
Obama stole and used tax payer dollars for everything!!!!!!!

Folks... Trump supporters.... you feel for a carny. But instead of blowing $20 on a ring toss game you have no chance of winning, you elected an unqualified narcissist who only knows how to make the rich richer. And that's all he'll "accomplish".... making that wealth gap wider than ever.
All because you didn't like Clinton.... oh, and her e-mails!!!
Good lord.

Response: Narcissist like yourself  Patrick????? Unqualified as a wrestler, arcade owner, garbage picker, writer, promo guy, gamer expert, all these multi delusional persona's all FAILED, and Trump is making everyone richer who wants to work and not LIVE off our tax payer dollars, and ask for money to send an invalid kid to meet a President you hate so much, Clinton has been proven to be a criminal, it's not just emails, you didnt know who George Soros was last month, your a fool to say the least, hats off to Melissa for carrying you daily, a man that cannot cook, clean bake, even dishonest and freeloader must feel great Patrick!!!!!!!!

Before you speak ill of our LEADER AND COMMANDER AND CHIEF, look at Patrick Scott Patterson in the Mirror and your finances

Food Stamps
and of course Go Fund me projects
lets see ur tax returns lets see what you claim!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this event even taking you serious look at the lies and mislead for years!!!!!!!!!!